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10 great quotes from Richard Feynman

Apart from being a brilliant scientist, Richard Feynman was known for being amazingly quotable.

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Yes, Richard Feynman was a very, very interesting man. Is there space on your wall for these fun quotes? If so, print off our high-res image to make a poster!

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Help us crown the all-time greatest physics equation with a March Madness-style showdown for the ages!

/Mar 14, 2022

In the late 19th and early 20th century, a team of scholars at the Harvard College Observatory analyzed nearly half a million  photographs of the stars.  These astronomers discovered the types of stars, created the first modern catalog of stars, and ultimately even discovered what stars are made of. They were all women.

/Feb 08, 2022

The same laws of physics apply to every Olympic athlete. Those who reach the podium have found the perfect equation for their sport.

/Jul 23, 2021