Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

Author: Perimeter Institute
Paul Schaffer, Associate Laboratory Director of TRIUMF’s Life Sciences Division, will explore how accelerators are advancing nuclear medicine during his…
/Nov 18, 2015
For quantum gravity specialist and author Lee Smolin, Albert Einstein’s greatest strength didn’t lie in numbers.
/Nov 17, 2015
These disparate items weren’t designed to be valuable, but for Carlo Rovelli, they are what makes a life.
/Nov 06, 2015
Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) wanted to show this year’s class what real research – and a real Canadian winter –…
/Nov 05, 2015
David Wineland, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Physics, will explore the theoretical and technological know-how needed to build ultra-precise atomic clocks…
/Nov 05, 2015
Great moments in science require great work – and great support.
/Nov 03, 2015
A hundred years ago in Berlin, Albert Einstein finally homed in on the definitive version of general relativity, his spectacular…
/Nov 02, 2015
Avery Broderick on using black holes as gravitational laboratories
/Nov 01, 2015
Einstein called Emmy Noether the “most important woman in the history of mathematics.” Find out about Perimeter’s Emmy Noether Fellowships…
/Oct 23, 2015