Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

Author: Perimeter Institute
Arthur B. McDonald, a member of the Perimeter Institute Board of Directors and Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University, has been…
/Oct 06, 2015
Join Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok live on Oct. 7 as he examines the surprising simplicity of the universe, and…
/Sep 17, 2015
Highlights from Perimeter’s 2014/15 Public Lecture Season.
/Sep 05, 2015
Leading researchers from around the globe – including two Nobel Laureates – will explore physics concepts from quantum to cosmos…
/Sep 03, 2015
The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) gives likeminded high-schoolers from around the world a chance to get hands-on…
/Aug 18, 2015
An orchestral concert is an unlikely setting for a lesson in quantum mechanics. All the more reason to do it.
/Aug 17, 2015
Cosmology isn’t the only way stars get into physics.
/Aug 16, 2015
To commemorate some big anniversaries in science and sci-fi, Perimeter Institute researchers, students, and staff reflect on fantastical figments that…
/Jul 02, 2015
During the Convergence conference at Perimeter Institute in June 2015, Dr. Jürgen Renn delivered a special evening talk about the…
/Jun 25, 2015
During the Convergence conference at Perimeter Institute on June 21, 2015, Peter Olver and Ruth Gregory explored the mathematical legacy…
/Jun 24, 2015