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Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

CBC Ideas Explores Imagination in Physics

How important is imagination in physics? CBC Ideas host Paul Kennedy asks Perimeter Institute researchers. Listen to their answers in the CBC Podcast.

Theoretical physics explores worlds beyond our everyday experience – from the tiniest quantum particles to the entire universe – so physicists often use metaphors and similies to express complex ideas.

The popular CBC Radio show Ideas came to Perimeter during Convergence and recorded two on-location episodes exploring “Similes and Science”.

Listen to Part 1, in which host Paul Kennedy chats with Perimeter Associate Faculty member Matthew Johnson and MIT exoplanet researcher Sara Seager.

Listen to Part 2, as the conversation continues with Perimeter Distinguished Visiting Research Chair S. James Gates Jr. and 2014/15 Perimeter Scholars International student Sonali Mohapatra.


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