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From the mysterious “dark matter” and “dark energy” that appear to dominate the cosmos, to the nature of the big bang singularity, and the “initial conditions” of the universe, cosmologists at Perimeter are involved in a range of theoretical and observational projects to advance our understanding of the universe.

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New measurements of galactic dust cast doubt on the claimed detection of gravitational waves from this past March.
/Apr 21, 2015
Time flies straight ahead like an arrow, never backtracking, and a Perimeter postdoc has co-authored a Physical Review Letters paper…
/Apr 21, 2015
Our universe may have emerged from a black hole in a higher-dimensional universe, propose a trio of Perimeter Institute researchers…
/Apr 17, 2015
Cosmologist Kendrick Smith gives a guided tour through the expanding universe, from the big bang to our present-day understanding of…
/Feb 06, 2015
Dr. Kendrick Smith, a cosmologist at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, provides a little illumination on the invisible gravitational glue…
/Feb 03, 2015
Kendrick Smith, a cosmologist at Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, explains how the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) gives us…
/Jan 26, 2015
During his public lecture and webcast on Feb 4, 2015, Kendrick Smith will take the audience on a journey of…
/Jan 19, 2015
For David “Doddy” Marsh, a postdoctoral researcher at Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, skateboarding and physics are essential components…
/Dec 08, 2014
For Perimeter postdoc David “Doddy” Marsh, skateboarding and theoretical physics are two halves of his whole – sometimes complementary, sometimes…
/Dec 08, 2014
To commemorate what would have been Carl Sagan’s 80th birthday, Perimeter Institute celebrates one of science’s greatest advocates.
/Nov 09, 2014