Perimeter’s award-winning Educational Outreach team brings science to life and raises scientific literacy through classroom resources, public lectures, teacher workshops, an educator network, and a summer school where students interact with Perimeter researchers.

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Mathematics met arts-and-crafts when Perimeter Institute was one of 20 sites worldwide that participated in the MegaMenger Project to build…
/Oct 28, 2014
Happy Birthday, ISSYP! Perimeter’s theoretical physics summer camp for high school students turned 10 this year.
/Aug 29, 2014
Don’t miss the 5-minute video on Stephen Hawking, along with a full-length panel discussion on the power of big ideas.
/Aug 13, 2014
We present a unique look at the most famous thought experiment in quantum physics, in which an unfortunate (and, rest…
/Aug 12, 2014
On November 19, 2013, Toronto’s Ramsay Talks will present Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok on the power of the human…
/Jul 30, 2014
The latest edition of Inside the Perimeter contains news, science, and a special keepsake poster.
/Jun 26, 2014
Ever wonder how the famous Enigma Machine worked? Mathematician and cryptography expert Dr. James Grime takes one apart to demonstrate…
/Jun 23, 2014
Mathematician and cryptography expert Dr. James Grime sums up the impact that math had on ending the war. For the…
/Jun 23, 2014