Quantum information. Black hole physics. Big bang cosmology. Exotic states of matter.

Perimeter’s science is complex, but our formula is simple: we bring the best minds in the world together under one roof and support them in tackling the most challenging problems in physics.

Why do we do this? Because we know that that today’s theory is tomorrow’s reality– and that a single breakthrough in theoretical physics can change the world. We know that Maxwell’s work on electromagnetism gave us wireless communication; that Einstein’s work on light gave us lasers and solar cells; that Bardeen’s work on the surface states of solids gave us the transistor, and thus modern electronics and computers.

Over and over, theoretical physicists have changed the world. Who will be next? On any given day, you’ll find about 150 researchers at Perimeter. There are brilliant young postdocs – the largest community of theoretical physics postdocs in the world. There’s a small but extraordinary core group of permanent faculty. And there are visitors who come to concentrate and collaborate: everyone from the Nobel Laureates and pioneers who hold Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs here to the intense knots of experts who come to our renowned conferences.

Come to Perimeter, and you will always find the coffee machine busy and the chalkboards full. We’re not just a research hub, we’re a community of world-class thinkers. And we’re out to make breakthroughs.

We invite you to join us.

Yes, I want to help Perimeter pursue the breakthroughs that will shape our future.