Perimeter Institute's research training programs take students and turn them into scientists. We don't just teach them knowledge and technical skill – we teach them to collaborate across disciplines, tackle old problems from new angles, and aim for breakthroughs.

In 2018, Perimeter launched a new undergraduate summer program that will broaden horizons for top physics students. Twenty of the world’s top undergraduate physics students will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in Perimeter’s dynamic research environment.

Our master's-level program, Perimeter Scholars International (PSI), attracts the best and brightest new university graduates from around the world and offers each a full scholarship, including living expenses. We want the best, not just the best who can afford to come. Many of our PSI students stay to work with Perimeter faculty members to do their first deep research in our PhD program.

PhDs in hand, young researchers flock to Perimeter's postdoctoral program, the largest in the world. Already highly trained, but not yet entrenched in their viewpoints, our postdocs bring fresh ideas and a sense of possibility to the most stubborn and important problems in the field. They do great things here, and they go on to more.

These brilliant young people, students, and postdocs, are the vibrant heart of the Perimeter community — and when they leave Perimeter, they spread our pioneering spirit around the world.

Your support of them is a smart investment in the future of science.

We invite you to join us.

Yes, I want to help Perimeter shape the next generation of scientists.