Now reading: Explore the frontiers of knowledge when Perimeter Public Lectures return for 2017/18

Explore Secrets of the Universe, a new giant-screen documentary produced in association with Perimeter!

Explore the frontiers of knowledge when Perimeter Public Lectures return for 2017/18

From artificial intelligence to gravity and the “dark side,” the upcoming Perimeter Institute Public Lecture Series will explain some of the greatest projects, challenges, and mysteries in physics today.

Starting October 4, each monthly lecture will be webcast for free at Just look for the banner on any page of the site, and click for live streaming.

The lectures are presented in front of a live audience at Perimeter Institute, and are followed by a Q&A with that night’s speaker. To send a question before or during the talk, tweet with the hashtag #piLIVE or comment on the Perimeter Facebook page.

The series kicks off at 7 pm ET on October 4 with a talk by Erik Verlinde of the University of Amsterdam entitled “A New View on Gravity and the Dark Side of the Universe.”

The series will also feature leading researchers from around the world explaining their explorations into black holes, gravity, quantum mechanics, machine learning, and much more. Talks are held on the first Wednesday of every month, with the exception of November’s presentation, which will be presented on the second Wednesday, November 8. Tickets to attend in person are available here starting Sept. 18 at 9 AM ET.

Best of all, you don’t need to study up first: the talks are aimed at science enthusiasts of all ages. For an idea of what’s in store, check out the trailer above.



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