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Sylvester James Gates Jr., a Perimeter Institute Distinguished Visiting Research Chair, Professor at the University of Maryland, and a member…
/May 22, 2014
Gianfranco Bertone takes you behind the scenes of the universe in the May 7, 2014 edition of the Perimeter Institute…
/May 13, 2014
Apart from being a brilliant scientist, Richard Feynman was known for being amazingly quotable.
/May 11, 2014
Ready for the pop quiz? Learn more about particle physics, at more reasonable pace (, or watch Brian Shuve’s full…
/Apr 30, 2014
Some lesser-known quanta of wisdom about Max Planck in commemoration of his 156th birthday.”
/Apr 23, 2014
Andres Schlief, a Perimeter Scholars International student, touches on how the study of physics will help build the future, and…
/Apr 09, 2014
Jacob Barnett, a Perimeter Scholars International student, answers the question: “what would happen if you were sucked into a black…
/Apr 09, 2014
Lauren Hayward, a Perimeter Institute Associate Graduate Student with the University of Waterloo (and Perimeter Scholars International alumna), talks about…
/Apr 09, 2014
Will Kinney, professor of physics at the University at Buffalo, explains gravitational waves, which the recently announced BICEP2 experiment seems…
/Mar 18, 2014