Now reading: From Platos Cave to Bertlmanns Socks: Rob Spekkens Q2C Lecture

Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

From Platos Cave to Bertlmanns Socks: Rob Spekkens Q2C Lecture

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Like prisoners in Platos Cave, we are limited about how much we can know about reality. Rob Spekkens enlightens us about Quantum Foundations at Perimeter Institute’s Quantum to Cosmos: Ideas for the Future Festival in Waterloo, ON.


Leading researchers from around the globe will explore physics concepts from quantum to cosmos during the upcoming season of Perimeter Institute’s Public Lecture Series, beginning Oct. 5, 2016, supported by Presenting Sponsor BMO Financial Group. More info: Join the conversation! Tweet questions for scientists before and during public lectures using the hashtag #piLIVE.

/Sep 15, 2016

Wednesday Feb. 7, 2018 at 7 PM ET Tickets for seats in the theatre are now sold out. The live webcast will appear on this page   The riddle of the quantum sphinx: Quantum states and category mistakes Science is like puzzle-solving. Making sense of quantum theory is a particularly thorny kind of brain-twister, with more […]

/Feb 05, 2018

In his public lecture webcast at Perimeter on February 7, Johnson will discuss the process of turning complex scientific topics into compelling visual narratives.

/Jan 16, 2019