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I am part of the equation

Great science is for everyone. Meet some of the people who are part of the equation at Perimeter.

stephen hawking

Great science belongs to everyone.

Science is humanity’s most powerful tool to understand the universe we inhabit and to improve our lives. The language of science (mathematics) is the only truly universal language.

So everyone — students, teachers, researchers, science enthusiasts, political and social leaders — can and should participate in the process of science.

Below, some members of the Perimeter community explain why they are part of the equation.


Neil Turok

Watch Neil Turok’s public lecture “The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything.”

stephen hawking

Watch the mini-documentary “Hawking at the Perimeter.”

Mike Lazaridis perimeter

Read more about Mike Lazaridis and his founding philanthropy in launching Perimeter Institute, the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, and Quantum Valley Investments.

Asimina Arvanitaki

Learn more about Asimina Arvanitaki with this video about her life and work.

Justin Trudeau perimeter

Learn more about Gemma De las Cuevas and other Emmy Noether Visiting Fellows.

Find out more about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support of Perimeter (and watch the viral video of him explaining quantum computing).


Laurent Friedel Perimeter

Read about research by Laurent Freidel that re-examines the very notion of space (and watch him be transformed by an artist into a “living chalkboard”).

Sarah Shandera

Read an article about Sarah Shandera’s life, research, and experiences as an Emmy Noether Visiting Fellow at Perimeter.

Watch a video interview with Bill Unruh.


There are plenty of ways you can be part of the equation with Perimeter.


A Simons Emmy Noether Fellowship has given experimental physicist Urbasi Sinha the opportunity to collaborate with theorists at Perimeter.

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Ask any public health expert: testing is key to beating COVID-19. Perimeter’s Neil Turok is working with colleagues from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences on a new way to test more people with fewer tests. Their work was just published in Nature.

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Enjoy an arts-and-crafts project for times of physical distancing — and a chance to meet some unsung scientific pioneers you should know.

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