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Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

Innovation150 wraps up a year of “wow”

From mountain passes and ice roads to prairie heat and blazing fall colours, the Innovation150 partnership delivered a year of fun, fascinating science to Canadians of all ages.

Shining a laser through smoke

As Canada recognized its 150 years as a united country throughout 2017, it did more than simply consider its past — Canadians also looked to the future. And what lies ahead could be incredible, according to the Innovation150 festival that toured through dozens of communities from coast to coast. Click on the image below for an overview of the year’s highlights.

An overview of Innovation150.

On July 27, Juan Maldacena, a luminary in the worlds of string theory and quantum gravity, will share his insights on black holes, wormholes, and quantum entanglement.

/Jul 12, 2023

Dark Matter Night will feature live talks on October 26 at both Perimeter Institute and the McDonald Institute, webcast free online.

/Oct 07, 2022

Each episode, a new researcher joins the co-hosts for a wide-ranging conversation about the process, challenges, and rewards of a life in science.

/Apr 07, 2022