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Inspiring Future Women in Science — Live Q&A

In celebration of the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Perimeter Institute is hosting its annual Inspiring Future Women in Science conference on February 10, and inviting everyone to join a live Q&A webcast with mentors and leaders from an array of STEM-based professions. 

The conference aims to share the possibilities and rewards of science-related careers, while challenging the stereotypes and biases that can be inherent in these fields. You can check out sessions from previous years’ conferences on Perimeter’s YouTube channel.

This year, the event brings together an astronomer, a chemical engineer, a medical student, and a construction and facility management professional. They’ll talk about their career paths, the challenges they’ve faced (including the dreaded imposter syndrome), their strategies for success — and about whatever topics come up in the Q&A with students. 

Students who wish to ask and/or upvote questions must register by 9 am ET on Feb. 10. Although this event is part of Perimeter’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science activities, high school students of all genders are welcome to register to attend. The event begins at 4 pm ET, and everyone is welcome to watch live on the livestream video above. 


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