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Spring/Summer 2011

We recently learned the wonderful news that both the federal and provincial governments have decided to renew their investments in Perimeter Institute.

It has been a privilege to work as a part of PI’s team, preparing and presenting our application. And let us offer our profound appreciation to the leaders who made these farsighted decisions in challenging economic times. As they renewed their support, so should we renew our commitment to deliver outcomes which will make Canada and Ontario proud.

Recent Issues
In this issue of Inside the Perimeter Magazine: - Dive into the quandary at the heart of quantum physics, and discover some recent advances in the field - Dig into some of the challenges facing women and other minorities in physics, and avenues to correct the imbalance - Enjoy updates from Perimeter's Outreach efforts - And discover the answer to another PI Kids question: how are elements made?
To say Stephen Hawking was a legend is to undersell his impact on cosmology and physics in both academia and the public consciousness. Yet, as Perimeter Director and Hawking's collaborator Neil Turok write in this issue: "Despite Stephen's stature, he never became stuck in his ideas. He was open to questioning everything." It is that spirit that powers Perimeter Institute, and which we showcase in this special issue dedicated to the late, great Stephen Hawking.
This issue of Inside the Perimeter Magazine explores the value and the impact of cross-pollinating ideas. Stories explore the role of science in democracy; the search for dark matter; advances in quantum science; the challenges still facing women in science, and much more.