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Perimeter Launches New Website

Welcome to Perimeter Institute’s redesigned website. This new site provides enhanced features to share information and engage with Perimeter’s many communities – including those involved with theoretical physics research, scientific training, educational outreach, and stakeholder support.


Perimeter’s new web presence begins to consolidate several past platforms into a single, more efficient system. This streamlined system improves upon:  

  • Navigation, search and the viewer’s exposure to key functions
  • The sharing of upcoming scientific and outreach activities through a new events calendar
  • Viewing information on tablet and smartphone devices

The platform also provides capability to meet improving internet standards, including accessibility features for those with disabilities. 

Just Phase One – More to Come

The new website is a first step in a much larger project that will see upgrades to the Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA), Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) and other Perimeter-related online destinations.  Technically speaking, the single back-end content management system will also enable the direct updating of information from more areas throughout the Institute, as well as sending and receiving dynamic content across automated devices, such as visual display stations at key locations in the research facility.   As such, this new website is foundational to a number of new capabilities that will emerge in the year ahead to better serve Perimeter’s many valued communities. 

New Look

The crisp new feel of the website is inspired by the cutting-edge thinking that takes place throughout the research facility – including inside the Stephen Hawking Centre at Perimeter Institute, with its own multitude of bold, white angular lines and intersections that help stimulate productive collaborations. The design elements will also be mirrored and creatively expanded upon throughout Perimeter’s many other print and multimedia materials.

Stay in Touch

We invite you to explore the site, learn more about Perimeter and stay connected by:

  • Clicking on ‘Connect with Us’, in the top right corner of each page, to receive news and event announcements.
  • Sharing your thoughts on the site by using the ‘Send Feedback’ button at the bottom of every page.

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