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Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) Provides New Opportunity for Young Researchers

Perimeter Institute, in partnership with the University of Waterloo, has launched Perimeter Scholars International, a concetrated Masters level course for exceptional students.

Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI), in partnership with the University of Waterloo, has launched Perimeter Scholars International (PSI), a concentrated Masters level course for exceptional students who wish to become researchers in theoretical physics. 

The 10-month course will be taught at the Perimeter Institute by outstanding international lecturers.  Participants will be brought to the cutting edge of fundamental physics across a wide range of research disciplines, and conduct a specialized research project under the supervision of a faculty member at one of the local universities. The course will prepare students for PhD research in Theoretical Physics. 

“Theoretical physics is the basis for much of modern science and technology. PSI is designed for adventurous students who wish to understand the deep principles underlying the physical world and how to translate them into observational predictions,” says Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute Director.  “Our aim is to attract and nurture the brightest talents from across Canada and around the world and enable them to become brilliant young researchers contributing to future discoveries.”

The Masters degree will be issued by the University of Waterloo (UW), an internationally recognized university within walking distance of PI.   UW President David Johnston says, “We are very pleased to join forces with Perimeter Institute and help propel this new model for research training.   Such a program is long overdue.  The ingenuity of PI and the academic foundation at UW will provide young researchers with unique opportunities to develop their skills.”  Amit Chakma, UW Vice-President, Academic and Provost, adds, “PSI will see an influx of top talent into the existing research culture here in Waterloo, Ontario, while stimulating a new generation of scientists who can drive future discoveries of incalculable benefit to our world.” 

PSI will enroll its first 25 students in August 2009, and will eventually grow to 50 scholars per year.  Fully funded scholarships will be available as needed.  Applications should be submitted by February 1st, 2009 in order to receive full consideration.   For detailed information regarding all procedures, scholarship opportunities, supervision, accreditation, and program leadership, please visit the PSI website,


Perimeter Scholars International attracts many exceptional graduate-level students from around the world. Its newest class includes its youngest-ever student, Jacob Barnett, whose innate passion for physics is chronicled in the best-selling book, The Spark, and who was recently profiled in Maclean’s magazine.

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