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Physicists: Inspiring the next generation to discover

Lauren Hayward, a Perimeter Institute Associate Graduate Student with the University of Waterloo (and Perimeter Scholars International alumna), talks about the responsibility each physicist has to inspire the next generation. This video is from the April 2, 2014 Perimeter Institute Public Lecture, “The Future of Physics: Kate Lunau in Conversation with Emerging Talent at Perimeter Institute.” You can watch the full lecture here: For more information about Perimeter Institute, click here: For more information about the Perimeter Scholars International program, click here:


For quantum gravity specialist and author Lee Smolin, Albert Einstein’s greatest strength didn’t lie in numbers.

/Nov 17, 2015

Get your fill of pi (videos) to celebrate Pi Day, including great short videos from Hank Green, James Grime, Veritasium and Physics Girl, Matt Parker, and (of course) Perimeter Institute.

/Mar 14, 2017

Curiosity, ambition, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty are rewarded in STEM careers, speakers tell teens at Inspiring Future Women in Science day.

/Mar 24, 2017