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Physics fast and frugal: Dollar Store demos

You don’t need a huge particle collider to do super-cool physics.

Physics is everywhere, just waiting to be explored. 

So when more than 40 high school teachers from around the world gathered at Perimeter Institute for the annual EinsteinPlus workshop, we gave them a unique challenge: to demonstrate physics, quick and cheap.  

They rose to the occasion. Check out their Dollar Store Demos: 

Inspired by the teachers, we created some fast and frugal physics recipes you can try at home. Kids, ask for help from a grown-up! 

Click the images below to enlarge, or download the high-res PDF of all the demos. 

Also, submit your own Dollar Store Demos. Tweet them to us. Post them on our Facebook page. Email us at! We’ll feature our favourite demos (with credit to you) in upcoming workshops, educational resources, and on social media. 








Download a high-res PDF of all the demos.

Don’t forget to share your own Dollar Store Demos! Tweet them to us. Post them on our Facebook page. Email us at We’ll feature our favourites (with credit to you) in upcoming Perimeter workshops, educational resources, and on social media. 

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