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RoboThespian Singing

RoboThespian – personal interactive robot – is a life-sized humanoid robot that interacts with humans through speech, expression, posture, and colour. See RoboThespian in action at Perimeter Institute’s BrainSTEM Festival on Sep 30 to Oct 6. Visit for more information and to get your free ticket to the event.


For quantum gravity specialist and author Lee Smolin, Albert Einstein’s greatest strength didn’t lie in numbers.

/Nov 17, 2015

Get your fill of pi (videos) to celebrate Pi Day, including great short videos from Hank Green, James Grime, Veritasium and Physics Girl, Matt Parker, and (of course) Perimeter Institute.

/Mar 14, 2017

In his public lecture webcast at Perimeter on February 7, Johnson will discuss the process of turning complex scientific topics into compelling visual narratives.

/Jan 16, 2019