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Schrödinger’s Cat (Sort Of) Explained

A unique look at the most famous thought experiment of quantum physics, in which an unfortunate (and, rest assured, purely hypothetical) cat sacrifices its life, yet also doesn’t, for the sake of science. Find more info here:

The clip is excerpted from the documentary The Quantum Tamers: Exploring Our Weird & Wired Future. Learn more and get the full movie here:
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In celebration of the International Year of Light, Perimeter Institute presents 20 fascinating factoids about photons.

/Jan 28, 2015

Theorists from Perimeter and experimentalists from the Institute for Quantum Computing have found a new way to test whether the universe is quantum, a test that will have widespread applicability: they’ve proven the failure of noncontextuality in the lab.

/Aug 16, 2016

Just don’t blink!

/Apr 30, 2014