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Inside the Perimeter: Spring/Summer 2015

The most dazzling discoveries in science often arise when subjects – or problems – collide. That is the idea behind Convergence, Perimeter’s first alumni reunion, and it’s the focus of the latest issue of the Inside the Perimeter magazine.

From turbulent black holes and a new type of crystal to the meshing of art and science – plus a special section devoted to Convergence – here are some of the highlights from the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Inside the Perimeter.


• Perimeter researchers decided to put a piece of science folklore to the test, and surprised themselves with the results: It appears that spacetime can be turbulent.

• Dark matter is believed to be everywhere, but how can we actually detect it? Perimeter’s Maxim Pospelov suggests using atomic clocks like those in GPS satellites, while Asimina Arvanitaki hopes to use black holes to find the proposed QCD axion.

• PI cosmologists Latham Boyle and Kendrick Smith propose a new kind of crystal – and show how one might be found.


• Read, and watch, as we dig into the ephemera that sums up Carlo Rovelli, co-founder of loop quantum gravity and author of current Italian best-selling book Seven Brief Lessons in Physicswith his submission to the art exhibit Archive Fever.

• Take a front-row seat for Quantum: Music at the Frontier of Science, performed in May at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

• Check out the year’s Public Lecture Series highlights, and then watch the full presentations here.


To celebrate Convergence – Perimeter’s first alumni reunion  we asked a range of physicists for their take on the state of science today. Find out more about Convergence  and read their answers – here


PI Kids Ask: How does a spinning egg stand on its pointy end?

From the Black Hole Bistro: Is hot or cold brew coffee better? 

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