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Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok discusses the universal human traits that underlie all innovation – from fundamental research to technology to…
/Feb 13, 2017
During a live webcast on Wed. March 1, 2017, NASA astrophysicist Amber Straughn provided a behind-the-scenes look at the powerful James…
/Feb 08, 2017
It has been another illuminating year at Perimeter Institute.
/Dec 16, 2016
Just one breakthrough in theoretical physics can change the world.
/Nov 28, 2016
EinsteinPlus helps teachers bring modern physics concepts to life in classrooms around the world. 
/Aug 22, 2016
You don’t need a huge particle collider to do super-cool physics.
/Mar 13, 2016
Vilhelm Bohr, grandson of quantum physics pioneer Niels Bohr, delivers a live webcast about the fascinating man behind the discoveries,…
/May 27, 2015
Dr. Amanda Peet (University of Toronto) explains how string theorists are working to build upon the foundations of Newtonian and…
/Apr 21, 2015
Four decades ago, Stephen Hawking posed a paradox about black holes and quantum theory that still challenges the imaginations of…
/Apr 21, 2015
Dr. Amanda Peet (University of Toronto) explains the relatively simple ideas that underlie string theory, which can help us unravel…
/Apr 21, 2015