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“Faster, higher, stronger.” The Olympic motto also expresses some of the underlying physics of the Games: velocity, kinetic energy, force.
/Aug 10, 2016
Please your ears and feed your brain with these brilliantly nerdy tracks.
/Jul 20, 2016
Natalie Panek is a rocket scientist and explorer whose dreams of becoming an astronaut led her to flying a plane, driving a…
/Jun 17, 2016
“Trendy Techie” Sage Franch shares her story and five key tips for turning STEM passion into a career, during Perimeter…
/Jun 15, 2016
Even the greatest scientists have made some serious blunders. “Brilliant Blunders” concerns the evolution of life on Earth, of the…
/Jun 02, 2016
During a live public lecture webcast on June 1, 2016, astrophysicist and author Dr. Mario Livio will look at major…
/May 18, 2016
How well can we predict climate change? The forecast for our future may lie at the intersection of chaos theory…
/May 05, 2016
Technology has put our global environment in crisis. Could it also provide the solution?
/Apr 21, 2016
Sometimes the best kind of scientific collaborator is a silent partner who lends a hand (or a paw) simply by…
/Mar 21, 2016
Dr. Katherine Freese explains the hunt for dark matter, the abundant-but-elusive matter believed to make up the majority of stuff…
/Mar 03, 2016