Now reading: Victoria Kaspi Public Lecture: The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars

The 2017/18 season of the Perimeter Institute Public Lecture series kicks off October 4 with cosmologist Erik Verlinde explaining why gravity may be profoundly different than what was proposed by Newton and Einstein.

/Sep 06, 2017

Dr. Katherine Freese explains the hunt for dark matter, the abundant-but-elusive matter believed to make up the majority of stuff in our universe, during her Perimeter Institute Public Lecture on March 2, 2016. Check out future Perimeter Public Lectures:

/Mar 03, 2016

In her Feb. 3 talk at Perimeter Institute, Victoria Kaspi will explain how astronomers are using neutron stars to study issues ranging from the origins of the universe to the very nature of matter. More info: Join the conversation: tweet questions for Dr. Kaspi to @Perimeter with hashtag #piLIVE Footage courtesy McGill […]

/Feb 01, 2016