Perimeter exists to tackle the hardest challenges in physics, and we need all of the world's best minds to do it.

Only about 15 percent of physicists are women, but Perimeter is working to change that. How? By supporting women at every stage of their careers – from high school students through to senior scientists.

We start early—because girls start leaving science as early as high school. Each year, we host Inspiring Future Women in Science, bringing hundreds of high school students to Perimeter to hear from leading women in science and tech and meet like-minded peers. Half of the students attending our renowned International Summer School for Young Physicists are girls.

For master's and PhD students, we offer Emmy Noether scholarships, named for the brilliant scientist whose breakthroughs underpin much of modern physics. And we provide critically timed boosts to women in the global research community by bringing them to Perimeter as Emmy Noether Visiting Fellows.

We are celebrating the contributions women have made to science, especially those women overlooked in their time. That’s why we have created the “Forces of Nature” poster series.

We see a world where more girls stick with their dreams to become research stars and one day, lead the breakthroughs that can change everything.

We invite you to join us.

Yes, I want to help Perimeter build a more inclusive future for women – and a brighter one for physics.