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What are people talking about at Perimeter Institute right now?

It has been another illuminating year at Perimeter Institute.
/December 16, 2016
There’s a universe of ideas to explore – from quantum to cosmos – at
/December 12, 2016
Just one breakthrough in theoretical physics can change the world.
/November 28, 2016
Some of the most abundant stuff in the universe is also the most mysterious, but we may not be in…
/July 5, 2016
Forget solid, liquid, and gas: there are in fact more than 500 phases of matter. In a major paper in today’s…
/January 23, 2015
In this abridgement of his 2015 FQXi second-prize-winning essay “Mathematics Is Physics,” Matthew Leifer argues that mathematics is a natural…
/December 1, 2016
Perimeter researchers use measurements from the Event Horizon Telescope to test Einstein’s theory with the supermassive black hole at the…
/September 13, 2016
New research at Perimeter shows that gravitational fields around black holes might eddy and swirl.
/March 11, 2015
Might we someday predict – and then carefully observe – the birth of a black hole? Perimeter Faculty member Luis…
/August 12, 2014
Have you forgotten to get a gift for your favourite physicist or physics fan? We’ve got you covered.
/December 22, 2016