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New research by Perimeter scientists employs artificial intelligence techniques to explore phases of matter.
/February 13, 2017
There’s a universe of ideas to explore – from quantum to cosmos – at
/December 12, 2016
On the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s premiere, Perimeter Institute researchers past and present reflect on the show’s enduring influence…
/September 29, 2016
How physics is breaking down communication barriers between specialties, and hoping to make big discoveries along the way.
/September 1, 2016
They discovered pulsars, found the first evidence of dark matter, pioneered mathematics, radioactivity, nuclear fission, elasticity, and computer programming, and…
/August 26, 2016
Theorists from Perimeter and experimentalists from the Institute for Quantum Computing have found a new way to test whether the…
/August 16, 2016
“Faster, higher, stronger.” The Olympic motto also expresses some of the underlying physics of the Games: velocity, kinetic energy, force. 
/August 11, 2016
Please your ears and feed your brain with these brilliantly nerdy tracks. 
/July 25, 2016
Some of the most abundant stuff in the universe is also the most mysterious, but we may not be in…
/July 5, 2016
During Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in April 2016, a journalist jokingly asked the…
/April 17, 2016