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Asimina Arvanitaki at Perimeter and Visiting Chair Savas Dimopoulos say there might be a way to use the Earth itself…
/Oct 02, 2023
A new protocol puts the black hole information paradox to the test in a laboratory – and promises to drive…
/Sep 26, 2023
In July 2023, 200 physicists gathered at Perimeter, and 1,400 joined online, for the flagship annual conference of the extended…
/Sep 22, 2023
Can mathematical methods used by Perimeter researchers inspire new approaches in climate, energy, and biodiversity?
/Sep 13, 2023
Perimeter Institute’s 2023 PSI Start interns hail from all around the world. Together, they found a community, and a chance…
/Aug 29, 2023
Barbara Šoda came up with a mathematical method for overcoming the trade-off between wavelength and distance resolution
/Aug 25, 2023
From 19th century astro-sketchers to 21st century image processors, artists and astronomers have worked hand-in-hand for centuries. The results have…
/Aug 08, 2023
Perimeter hosts inspiring week-long professional development event for high school teachers.
/Aug 08, 2023
Students from 17 countries graduate from a unique, intense master’s program in theoretical physics
/Jul 17, 2023
A new method brings physicists closer to resolving 50-year-old conjecture.
/Jul 14, 2023