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Perimeter Institute is an independent research centre with a simple strategy: bring the world’s best minds together in an inspiring environment, offer them unequalled research freedom, and enable them to focus on solving the deepest problems in theoretical physics. Why theoretical physics? Because what starts as an idea can change the world.


Perimeter is funded by an ever-growing group of public and private supporters. They know that the best investment we can make is in our own capacity to question, to explain, and to understand.

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Perimeter Institute is a place where bold ideas flourish. It’s a culture that thrives on collaboration and new perspectives, bringing together great minds in a shared endeavour to achieve breakthroughs that will transform our future. Bring your ideas to Perimeter Institute.


There are a number of volunteer opportunities at Perimeter Institute in everything from  hospitality, administration, education, and leadership. Come and help share great science with the world!


From monthly public lectures on cutting edge science to classical concerts and more, immerse yourself in the Perimeter experience here in Waterloo, Ontario.


Perimeter Institute runs a lively program of conferences and workshops that contribute to the dynamic scientific atmosphere. Find out how you can organize, attend, or present at one of our scientific events.