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Astronomical explosions called fast radio bursts are keeping astronomers on their toes.
/May 07, 2024
Inspiring Future Women in Science event gives young women a chance to see themselves in STEM careers.
/Apr 12, 2024
Astronomers capture polarized light from the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy in unprecedented detail.
/Mar 27, 2024
Fun and intense academic research are a great mix at this year’s winter school.
/Mar 13, 2024
One of Perimeter’s recent Simons Emmy Noether Fellows reflects on her fruitful time in Waterloo.
/Mar 07, 2024
A research team from Perimeter, Zapata AI, and Vector Institute sets up a “race” between quantum and classical AI models.
/Feb 29, 2024
Ancient Egyptian astronomical texts are difficult to interpret. Computer modeling might help.
/Feb 22, 2024
Perimeter students, researchers, and staff share their experiences in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
/Feb 09, 2024
Perimeter postdoctoral researcher Barbara Šoda has been using spectral geometry to describe “fluctuating” spacetime.
/Feb 07, 2024
A preponderance of astronomical evidence suggests that the galaxy is filled with dark matter. Despite knowing remarkably little about what…
/Feb 01, 2024