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Mathematical Physics

In mathematical physics, new problems in physics give rise to new mathematics to solve them, while new mathematics open doors to understandings of the physical universe.

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In this abridgement of his 2015 FQXi second-prize-winning essay “Mathematics Is Physics,” Matthew Leifer argues that mathematics is a natural…
/December 1, 2016
Perimeter Faculty member Laurent Freidel’s new research aims to revisit and revise the very notion of space.
/November 23, 2016
Recent Perimeter research based on the holographic principle seeks new connections between general relativity and quantum field theory. 
/August 16, 2016
Einstein called Emmy Noether the “most important woman in the history of mathematics.” Find out about Perimeter’s Emmy Noether Fellowships…
/October 23, 2015
As the newly announced Clay Riddell Paul Dirac Chair in Theoretical Physics, Pedro Vieira is continuing his quest to equip…
/October 17, 2015
Emmy Noether’s astounding insights continue to underpin physics. Pity most people haven’t heard of her.
/September 17, 2015
Perimeter physicist Matteo Smerlak helps uncover a new predator-prey power law that shapes biomass scaling across ecosystems.
/September 16, 2015
During the Convergence conference at Perimeter Institute on June 21, 2015, Peter Olver and Ruth Gregory explored the mathematical legacy…
/June 24, 2015
Perimeter researchers Yidun Wan and Ling-Yan Hung have taken an important step toward using topologically open surfaces like cylinders for…
/April 23, 2015
Alan Turing did more than just crack the Enigma Machine. Mathematician and cryptography expert Dr. James Grime fills you in…
/June 23, 2014