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Wizard of the whiteboard — five great clips from MinutePhysics

Theoretical physics is a notoriously difficult subject to explain. So it’s especially impressive that Henry Reich can tackle tricky physics concepts in the span of a few minutes, using simple stick figures.

Reich is the mastermind behind MinutePhysics, a brilliantly creative YouTube channel with 3.7-million-ish subscribers (and climbing). Reich is also a graduate of the Perimeter Scholars International master’s program, and has worked with Perimeter Institute scientists on some of his videos.

In his latest MinutePhysics creation (above), Reich uses cats, fleas, and gunpowder to show how scientists are able to teleport quantum particles distances of up to 100 kilometres. Here are four of our other favourite clips from the wizard of the whiteboard.

How do you measure gravitational waves? Try using free-floating cats:

Einstein’s iconic equation explained:

Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok lends his voice to this history lesson in quantum physics:

What’s the antimatter?:




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