Now reading: Infinite Potential: ISSYP Alumni Around the World

Infinite Potential: ISSYP Alumni Around the World

Alumni of Perimeter Institute’s International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) share their experiences of the program and what they’re up to now. ISSYP is an exciting two-week program for high school students who have a keen interest in theoretical physics and intend to pursue physics studies at the university level. Learn more:

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Get your fill of pi (videos) to celebrate Pi Day, including great short videos from Hank Green, James Grime, Veritasium and Physics Girl, Matt Parker, and (of course) Perimeter Institute.

/Mar 14, 2017

Happy Birthday, ISSYP! Perimeter’s theoretical physics summer camp for high school students turned 10 this year.

/Aug 29, 2014

Students and researchers learned about the myriad opportunities that exist for physicists outside academia at Perimeter’s first Career Trajectories Day.

/Jul 19, 2018