Fall/Winter 2014

"I try to encourage everyone at Perimeter to at least spend some of their time thinking about wild and original things. Questioning what you think you know, looking at problems upside down and backwards – that’s how you make progress. It keeps us all young." - Perimeter Director Neil Turok

From this issue
For Perimeter postdoc David “Doddy” Marsh, skateboarding and theoretical physics are two halves of his whole – sometimes complementary, sometimes…
/Dec 08, 2014
Childhood puzzles opened up a world of exploration for Kevin Costello.
/Jul 06, 2017
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This issue of Inside the Perimeter Magazine explores the value and the impact of cross-pollinating ideas. Stories explore the role of science in democracy; the search for dark matter; advances in quantum science; the challenges still facing women in science, and much more.
For more than 150 years, Canada has been a land of inquiry, innovation, and opportunity. That is just the beginning. Explore the ideas and the science that have shaped -- and are shaping -- Canada as it turns 150.
There is mounting evidence that some of today’s most promising avenues of inquiry in physics lie not within specialties, but between them.
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