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Science as a Cornerstone of Democracy – S. James Gates Jr.

S. James Gates Jr., a Perimeter Institute Distinguished Visiting Research Chair, Professor at the University of Maryland, and a member of the US President’s scientific advisory council, explains how a scientifically literate population is vital to democracy. Watch live as Gates delivers a PI Public Lecture June 4, 7:00 pm:

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Early computers were room-sized mechanical brains complete with wheels, shafts, and cranks. Then the playful and ingenious Claude Shannon came along.

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In his latest book, UK Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees explores how humanity’s rapid technological advances are threatening – and may ultimately vouchsafe – our survival as a species. He sat down with Inside the Perimeter to discuss why he believes science provides our clearest glimpse into the future.

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Somewhat less prestigious than the Nobel Prize, but much more hilarious, the Ig Nobel Prize annually lauds research worth commemorating for its weirdness.

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