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Video: Testing general relativity with black holes

Avery Broderick and Tim Johannsen of Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo explain a new method for testing the theory of general relativity using the Event Horizon Telescope. Read the research, published in August 2016 in Physical Review Letters, here:

Read a full story with Broderick and Johannsen here.


From the James Webb Space Telescope and the black hole at the centre of our galaxy to a Nobel Prize in quantum physics, the last 12 months have provided plenty of excitement for physics fans.

/Dec 16, 2022

Clouds of particles surrounding some black holes could create smaller versions of cosmic strings and provide insights into dark matter, according to research by Perimeter’s William East.

/Oct 06, 2022

Scientists have discerned a sharp ring of light created by photons whipping around the back of a supermassive black hole in a vivid confirmation of theoretical prediction.

/Aug 16, 2022