Now reading: Cosmology in the 21st Century: Kendrick Smith Public Lecture

Cosmology in the 21st Century: Kendrick Smith Public Lecture

Cosmologist Kendrick Smith gives a guided tour through the expanding universe, from the big bang to our present-day understanding of dark matter and other cosmic phenomena, during his Feb. 4, 2015 public lecture at Perimeter Institute.

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CHIME, a radio telescope under construction in British Columbia, expects to find hundreds of “fast radio bursts” and generate a trove of data that may help us understand these mysterious signals in space.

/May 10, 2017

New research has overturned a widely publicized claim about the beginnings of the universe.

/Apr 22, 2015

Update (May 19, 2014): There have been recent developments relevant to the article below. For more information, see:
The talk given at Princeton on May 15 by Raphael Flauger (New York University and the Institute for Advanced Study)
The Workshop on Primordial Gravitational Waves and Cosmology at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
A less technical article in The Washington Post

/Jun 03, 2014