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How great scientists got hooked on science

Sometimes it only takes one moment – a chance encounter, or a stroke of luck – to spark a lifelong passion for science.

Vera Rubin

Many great minds in science, past and present, had a moment when they realized they would devote themselves to seeking answers to nature’s deepest puzzles.

This month’s Slice of PI looks at the glimmers of inspiration that set some pioneering scientists on their path of discovery.

Albert Einstein Slice of PI

Vera Rubin Slice of PI

Paul Steinhardt Slice of PI

Rosalind Franklin Slice of PI

Isaac Newton Slice of PI

Richard Feynman Slice of PI

Freddy Cachazo Slice of PI

Ada Lovelace Slice of PI

Asimina Arvanitaki Slice of PI

Carl Sagan Slice of PI

Michael Faraday Slice of PI

Jocelyn Bell Burnell Slice of PI

Art McDonald Slice of PI

Johannes Kepler Slice of PI

Stephen Hawking Slice of PI

Edwin Hubble Slice of PI

James Clerk Maxwell Slice of PI

Kevin Costello Slice of PI

Mary Somerville Slice of PI


Rajiv asks: It’s weird, that floaty feeling you get at the top of a roller coaster. You feel it in other places too – going over bumps in the road, or being in an elevator that suddenly starts heading down. Sometimes it seems like one little bump is enough to turn off something as big as gravity.

/Sep 17, 2016

LIGO’s historic detection of gravitational waves produced a flood of questions from curious youngsters. Good thing the Inside the Perimeter team is on the case.

/Oct 17, 2016

With creative thinking and last-minute hard work, Perimeter transformed its new summer undergraduate research program into a fully online experience.

/Sep 28, 2020
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