Now reading: Feeling creative? Colour these posters celebrating pioneering women of science

Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

Feeling creative? Colour these posters celebrating pioneering women of science

Enjoy an arts-and-crafts project for times of physical distancing — and a chance to meet some unsung scientific pioneers you should know.

Colouring posters

Some of their names are well known. Many are not.

Women have made crucial advances to physics throughout history; too often, their contributions have been overlooked.

Perimeter Institute created the “Forces of Nature” posters, featuring influential women in physics, as part of our broader efforts to celebrate the contributions women have made to science, especially those who went largely unrecognized in their time.

Now, we are releasing a selection of these posters for you to colour, featuring Emmy Noether, Annie Jump Cannon, Canadian Nobel Prize-winner Donna Strickland, and more.

Have fun colouring, but please consider this more than a boredom-busting craft project. We hope you’ll take this chance to think about the impact these pioneers made to science, frequently against overt and systemic challenges. We hope it’ll give you a nudge to learn more about their work.

Just fill out the form below and the colouring pages will arrive in your inbox in minutes! Oh, and be sure to show us your colourful creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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