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More than 99 percent of the visible matter in the universe is built from protons and neutrons and the nuclei that they form. This rich structure emerges dynamically from the complex interactions of quarks and gluons, the most elementary particles that have been discovered. Understanding how nuclear physics arises from the underlying quark and gluon […]

/Oct 19, 2018

The worlds of theory and experiment collided at Perimeter Institute during a recent conference designed to spark breakthroughs in physics using small-scale experiments.

/Sep 28, 2017

In 1928, Paul Dirac developed an equation (fittingly called the Dirac equation) that predicted the behaviour of electrons near the speed of light. But the Dirac equation had a surprising by-product. It could be applied equally well to something that no one had ever seen: a positively charged electron. In other words, the equation implied […]

/Apr 08, 2016