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#MyFavouriteEquation — Scientists share their fave formulae

There’s beauty on the blackboard.

Does one song make your heart beat faster? Is there a turn of phrase that sings a little more sweetly in your ear? We all have our favourite things.

Physicists explain the wonders of the universe through the symbolic language of mathematics, so it makes sense that they tend to have special fondness for certain equations.

We asked 16 scientists to reveal which equation stole their heart, and why.

Rob moore

Watch Rob Moore’s Perimeter Public Lecture, “A Material World: Building A Future from the Atoms Up.”

Natalie Panek

Watch Natalie Panek’s keynote address from Perimeter’s 2016 Inspiring Future Women in Science conference.

Dianna Cowern

Watch an excerpt from Dianna Cowern’s talk at Perimeter’s 2015 Inspiring Future Women in Science conference.

Damian Pope

Emily Levesque

Watch Emily Levesque’s Perimeter Public Lecture, “The Weirdest Stars in the Universe.”

James Gates

Watch a video of S. James Gates Jr. explaining “surprises in supersymmetry.”


Renee Hlozek

Matt Parker

Watch Matt Parker engage in a “Pi Smackdown at Perimeter.”

Ethan Siegel

Sean Carroll

Marina Cortes

Jon Butterworth

Watch Jon Butterworth’s 2015 Perimeter Public Lecture, “The Most Wanted Particle.”

Barak shoshany perimeter

Carlo Rovelli

Nathan Berkovits

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Pedro Vieira

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