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The innovation equation: Neil Turok on Bloomberg TV

Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok discusses the universal human traits that underlie all innovation – from fundamental research to technology to positive social change.

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Our capacity to innovate is what makes us human, and the future of humanity will depend on our willingness to pursue meaningful innovation, says Neil Turok.

During an interview with Amanda Lang on Bloomberg North, the director of Perimeter Institute discussed the universal human traits that drive scientific, technological, and social innovation.

The interview addresses many of the topics Turok will share with audiences across Canada as part of Innovation150, in celebration of the nation’s 150th anniversary.

Watch the interview below.

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The national tour of Innovation150 — a celebration of Canadian ingenuity as part of the country’s sesquicentennial — kicked off in Vancouver this week.

/January 13, 2017

In its 150th year and beyond, Canada has a “very special opportunity” to be a world leader in innovation, writes Perimeter Director Neil Turok in The Globe and Mail.

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The International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP) gives likeminded high-schoolers from around the world a chance to get hands-on with physics at Perimeter Institute. 

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