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Author: egoheen
A strange thing about black holes: they shine. The current issue of Science Express, the online advance publication of the…
/Aug 12, 2014
We have a model for quantum gravity that would work in a simplified universe of two dimensions. For decades, researchers…
/Aug 12, 2014
Over the last few decades, it’s become clear to astrophysicists that the parts of the universe we can see –…
/Aug 12, 2014
Apart from being a brilliant scientist, Richard Feynman was known for being amazingly quotable.
/May 11, 2014
Some lesser-known quanta of wisdom about Max Planck in commemoration of his 156th birthday.”
/Apr 23, 2014
Like Pi? Here’s a collection of things you might not know about this mysterious mathematical constant.
/Mar 14, 2014