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Astrophysics applies the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life, and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and other objects in the universe. Perimeter researchers work closely with experimentalists to discover new aspects of nature.

Your handy guide to gravitational waves, and their ripple effects to our understanding of the cosmos
/Feb 25, 2016
On Feb. 11, 2016, a panel of researchers from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics discussed the meaning and implications of…
/Feb 12, 2016
Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok discusses the future of physics in the new era of gravitational wave astronomy. More on…
/Feb 11, 2016
Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok provides a brief overview of gravitational waves. More on Perimeter Institute:
/Feb 11, 2016
Perimeter Institute Associate Faculty member Avery Broderick provides a brief overview of how theorists and experimentalists collaborate in the hunt…
/Feb 11, 2016
Researchers from Perimeter Institute explain the concept of gravitational waves, and what their discovery could mean for the future of…
/Feb 11, 2016
In her Feb. 3 talk at Perimeter Institute, Victoria Kaspi will explain how astronomers are using neutron stars to study…
/Jan 12, 2016
The international EHT research team, including Perimeter’s Avery Broderick, recently measured for the first time the magnetic fields that contribute…
/Dec 04, 2015
Like a wildlife photographer in pursuit of an elusive animal through uncharted territory, Avery Broderick is determined to snap a…
/Jun 09, 2015