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PI-ku: eight geekily poetic haiku about physics from Perimeter Institute

Five, seven, and five / The structure of a haiku / Here’s some on physics.

physics haiku

It has been said that “physics is the poetry of the universe.” Well, we assume it has been said. If not, we shall promptly copyright it and charge royalties for its usage.

Regardless, the sentiment is true: physics employs the language of mathematics to tell the story of the universe, just as poetry helps us decipher the human condition. We decided to marry physics and poetry by asking researchers, students, and staff of Perimeter Institute to share their best physics haiku.

The basic rules of haiku are simple: five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Explaining quantum gravity and string theory in that format? Not so easy, but a fun challenge. Write your own haiku in the comments below. We’ll share them!


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Need more inspiration? A few runners-up:

Once I had two quarks
Pulling apart. Now they’re four.
– Aurora Ireland, PSI student

Compute me
I am a qubit.
I am up and down and both.
I’m Schrödinger’s bit.
– Colin Hunter, Perimeter communications director

Quantum field theory
Stitching together
the micro and the macro.
Nature’s warp and weft.
– Tenille Bonoguore, Perimeter senior science writer


Share your own in the comments below!

7 Replies to “PI-ku: eight geekily poetic haiku about physics from Perimeter Institute”

  1. Simplicity in Motion

    A body at rest
    Tends to stay at rest until
    Forced to move on

    A body moving
    Remains in motion until
    Stopped by a force

  2. Surfactants

    Oil calms rough waters.
    Pour a teaspoon, we shall see
    How big atoms are?

    Suraj Shankar, Syracuse University PhD student

  3. As alluded in the article above, physics is the poetry of science. Therefore, sometimes I like to write physics poetry. Below is one.


    The Universe dances around
    Munching on wine and cheese
    As poets read their souls
    Wrapped in dark matter
    Creating the multiverse
    In physicist’s head.
    All of a sudden
    The dark energy hollers out
    Across the cosmos
    Stringing verses
    Into infinite space-time
    Challenging Einstein
    With an ironic laugh,
    Offering him a cup of quanta
    To measure
    And the Bohr paradox.
    The poets beat their heads,
    Accompanying their non-associative buddy,
    The octonion
    They search for the answer.
    Trying to reach out
    To their savior,
    The gravity,
    They recite loudly,
    ‘Oh gravity, the gravity
    The universe in itself
    The beauty of our existence
    Where hast thou vanished?’
    Meanwhile, the expansion continues
    Ripping the poets apart,
    Banishing them
    With their made up stories
    To the Hawking’s puzzle,
    The warm black holes.
    Did the poets enjoy
    The end of the world party? – Community Voice of NYC Diasporas Thru Artworks, Storytelling & History spreading the Voice of People of All Colors, Cultures & Customs!
    Copyright – Masuma Ahmed

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