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Schrödinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead and Alive

We present a unique look at the most famous thought experiment in quantum physics, in which an unfortunate (and, rest assured, purely hypothetical) cat sacrifices its life, yet also doesn’t, for the sake of science.

Erwin Schrödinger was presumably more of a dog person.

The Nobel-winning Austrian physicist, whose pioneering research helped lay the foundations of quantum theory, chose an innocent cat as the subject of a famous thought experiment that is now synonymous with his name.

Though Schrödinger’s intent was to highlight an apparent problem in the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the thought experiment has become synonymous with the counter-intuitive realities of how nature works at the quantum level.

To commemorate Schrödinger’s birthday (Aug. 12, 1887) and the bravery of his imaginary cat, we present this exclusive excerpt from The Quantum Tamers: Revealing Our Weird & Wired Future:

No cats or weird men in cat suits were harmed in the making of this video.

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