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How to build a better future

One question dominated the Waterloo Global Science Initiative’s 2018 summit: how do we steer the world towards sustainable development?

In 2015, the United Nations established a global set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. The challenge now is to turn those goals into action.

At the 2018 Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) summit, held in April, a diverse group spanning disciplines, sectors, and generations gathered to chart a course towards implementation in Canada and abroad.

Over three days of discussion and debate, they devised a robust, community-focused ecosystem that could support and promote the 17 SDGs. Together, they created the Generation SDG Communiqué, a preliminary set of recommendations, with a white paper to follow in 2019.

“Mobilizing Canadian society by building stronger and more equitable communities will not only help us achieve these targets, it can provide a long-term vision for Canada and its people,” the Communiqué notes.

Visit the Summit Recap to read the communiqué, watch the keynote presentation by Katharine Wilkinson about “Project Drawdown”, watch special summit-related programming on TVO, and to follow the project’s progress.

The Waterloo Global Science Initiative is a partnership between Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo.


The Waterloo Global Science Initiative has released the OpenAccess Energy Blueprint, which charts a course toward a future with universal electricity access.

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