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The rise of cosmology’s “big bounce”

It’s a debate that has been going for millennia: how did the universe begin? As this feature from Quanta explains, it is still a pressing question for physicists.

The big bang theory is the leading narrative for how our universe started, but a number of researchers – including Perimeter Director Neil Turok – are strengthening the case for that theory’s biggest rival.

Researchers around the world are putting forward “big bounce” theories and equations that could explain both the origin of our universe and how that leads to its present state.

As Natalie Wolchover writes in this feature article at Quanta, this is just the latest part of a debate that has been raging for millennia.

“There may be a simple — even if hard-to-discover — theory waiting to be discovered, which might explain the most paradoxical features of the universe,” Turok said.

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