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Take a self-guided tour from quantum to cosmos!

Stay-at-home science for explorers of all ages

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Are you searching for ways to both entertain and educate yourself — and perhaps the young people at home with you? Perimeter has loads of free science content for every age and scientific background — from curious stargazers to experts in cosmic inflation, and everyone in between.

Below are some highlights of Perimeter’s “Slice of PI” series, educational resources, videos, feature articles, an interactive “scale of the universe,” and more.

Quantum to Cosmos

Take an interactive journey through the universe, from the subatomic scale to the farthest reaches of the cosmos! Use the scavenger hunt to explore the quantum to cosmos! (High school version here)

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Slices of PI

“Slices of PI” are fun, monthly dispatches about science. Here are a few that might be particularly timely:

Explore more “Slices of PI” and sign up to receive new ones each month.


Pop quiz! Should school closures stop you from staying sharp? Of course not! Perimeter offers ample opportunities to test yourself:

Free educational resources and activities

Want to keep the learning going while your kids are home from school? Perimeter has more than 70 activity-based educational resources, all available for free download:

  • Making Models: Wooden Blocks: This great-for-home activity helps young people understand the power of scientific modelling and its key role in the scientific process.
  • Asking Questions: Some of the most profound discoveries have come from seemingly simple questions. Use this activity to develop thinking and inquiry skills.
  • Understanding the Image of M87*: Help students understand what makes the Event Horizon Telescope so powerful and what can be learned by studying last year’s iconic black hole image.

In addition, Perimeter’s Process of Science (grades 5-12) and Secrets of the Universe (kindergarten to grade 6) resources contain activities that can be easily adapted by parents. Download these and many more at


Perimeter has a rich archive of video and public lectures from some of the most brilliant scientific minds this planet has to offer. Double down on knowledge acquisition with these great talks:

  • “Warp drive and aliens”: Just over a month after Bryan Gaensler gave his highly entertaining talk, it’s amassed nearly a quarter-million views. See what all the fuss is about!
  • “Nanotechnology meets neuroscience and medicine”: Breakthrough science often requires going beyond traditional academic boundaries. A scientific duo explain their collaborative efforts in neuroscience, biology, and medicine.
  • “Surviving the century”: UK Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees outlines how applying advances in current fields of study can ensure a bright future for humanity.
  • “The physics of Wall Street”: The financial markets are in disarray. Learn more about the complex models upon which 21st-century finance is built.
  • “The astonishing simplicity of everything”: In the most popular talk in Perimeter history, Director Emeritus Neil Turok explores the remarkable simplicity that underlies nature at all scales.

Watch more great video on Perimeter’s YouTube channel.

Stories of scientific exploration

  • Fast radio bursts: The made-in-Canada CHIME telescope played a crucial role in pinpointing, for the first time, a repeating fast radio burst.
  • Causal complexity: Quantum physicists have devised a new tool to study classical cause-and-effect.
  • People of PI: Meet Carlo Rovelli — author, field-founding researcher, and Perimeter Distinguished Visiting Research Chair — and other interesting folks behind the science at Perimeter.

Download free science posters!

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Free to download to your inbox, we have a variety of posters on topics including black holes, dark matter, pioneering women of physics — as well as free scientific wallpapers for your smartphone and mobile device.



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