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Tag: physics
Please your ears and feed your brain with these brilliantly nerdy tracks.
/Jul 20, 2016
Technology has put our global environment in crisis. Could it also provide the solution?
/Apr 21, 2016
Evidence of “ripples in spacetime” detected by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration marks the dawn of gravitational wave astronomy, say Perimeter…
/Mar 18, 2016
To celebrate the centenary year of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Emmy Noether’s development of her eponymous theorems, the…
/Feb 19, 2016
Perimeter collaborators propose a new way to compare vastly different theories: go through the corners.
/Oct 07, 2015
Vilhelm Bohr, grandson of quantum physics pioneer Niels Bohr, delivers a live webcast about the fascinating man behind the discoveries,…
/May 27, 2015
Dr. Amanda Peet (University of Toronto) explains how string theorists are working to build upon the foundations of Newtonian and…
/Apr 21, 2015
Four decades ago, Stephen Hawking posed a paradox about black holes and quantum theory that still challenges the imaginations of…
/Apr 21, 2015
Dr. Amanda Peet (University of Toronto) explains the relatively simple ideas that underlie string theory, which can help us unravel…
/Apr 21, 2015
Dr. Amanda Peet, a University of Toronto physicist, delivers a live webcast on string theory and black holes from Perimeter…
/Apr 20, 2015